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Create Your Own Coin Purse - Polyester - Black-


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Create Your Own Coin Purse with this small but convenient black polyester coin purse ideal for carrying your loose change. \n \n Single Sided Full Colour Print \n Black Polyester Nylon for Strength and Durability ...
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Coin Purse Black Polyester Nylon-Single Sided Print Create Your Own

 Create Your Own Coin Purse. Featuring single sided edge to edge printing. Send a message to some one special or just show your friends and family your passion.
Your Own Unique Design Using Your Images Photo's and Text
It's pretty simple really all you need to do is use the DESIGN TOOL below and add follow the instructions. 1.Choose upload your design to the designer you can upload photo's and images from any where but usually you'll find your images on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Flickr ,Open ClipArt, or your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or even still on your phone or camera 2. Once you have uploaded your design you can then manipulate it so it fits your item perfectly 3. Having added your image or collection of images you can now add your chosen Text Message (or not if you do not require one) there are a series of video's available if you are unsure exactly what to do but if you get stuck contact our help desk and we will talk it through with you. 4. You can now select the other options such as colour (when this option applies) and size (please check our sizing guide if you are not sure-when applicable) 5. You can then add your chosen design to your cart and either checkout or continue shopping on the website  IMPORTANT NOTES ON USE OF IMAGES a) The better quality image you use the better your finished item will be please remember if you try and make a photo fit an area which is larger than the image you have it will not be as clear and you may be disappointed with the results.        Always use as high resolution photo as possible. b) When using an image make sure you own the rights to the image (the best option is your own photo's) by using the image you are confirming you own the rights to an image and are aware that to use a image which you do NOT have rights to could lead to a claim against you by the owner of such rights. We do NOT accept liability should you use an image which you do NOT have rights to use. (please read terms and conditions if you are in doubt)

Quality Combined With High-Quality Design

Your design is featured on a Coin Purse using the latest printing technology (Digitally Printed via Dye Sublimation) combined with your own unique design that you won’t find in stores  PRINTED BY DYE SUBLIMATION

This is not a run of the mill coin purse but a way to personalise your money carrier and a superb icebreaker with friends who see it because It's unique to you!!

Made To Last And Look Good For Years

The combination of a quality product and quality printing means your design will stay looking great for years so you will be able to wear it for more than just a few times and have to consign it the bin.

These designs don’t fade, peel or crack over time and the colours will stay looking bright and vibrant.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Aside from our unique designs we only use quality materials and suppliers for our products which means that our items are durable and ideal for daily use or for standing out in a crowd when you want to be noticed!

We appreciate buying online even on secure sites like ours might be a bit of concern to some people which is why we want you to feel confident that we have found top quality products and UK suppliers that work to the highest standards.

Product Specifications

* Your Own Unique Design On One Side

* Black Polyester with Zip Fastening

* Unique Personal design from your images and text [Not available in stores because it's your design

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