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British Blue Cat Shaped Midi Cushion Cat Lover



British Blue Cat Shaped Midi Cushion Cat Lover at Inspired Store ...
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This British Blue Cat Shaped Midi Cushion is the perfect gift for cat lovers. With a stunning image of the British Blue Cat on the slightly smaller cushion with a Satin-Soft Front and with a Plush Velour Back and a super Plump Filling made from Virgin Polyester, it makes the ideal feature in your home and is just that bit smaller so it can fit nicely in to areas a larger cushion might just be too big. This means it is absolutely perfect for those who want to show their passion for British Blue Cat to everyone who visits their home but are may be a bit short on space. The other thing a smaller cushion will allow animal lovers to do is to display their Midi Cushion on a shelf or maybe just leave it sitting on your pillow in your bedroom the thing is the use of this beautiful British Blue Cat Midi Cushion are only limited by your imagination but here a few ideas to help you... Ideas On Where To Display Your British Blue Cat Midi Cushion
  • Use it as a feature on your dressing table or shelf in your bedroom
  • Place it on the dashboard or parcel shelf of your car
  • Put it in your summer house or conservatory
  • Put it in the kid's playroom
  • Use it In the Nursery
  • Free Your Imagination and Come up with other Inspired Ideas
  This British Blue Cat Shaped Midi Cushion is almost so lifelike you will be tempted to take her out for walkies. It is made with using a high-quality satin fabric to the front face, which allows the very finest details to be seen clearly from the individual hairs of the British Blue Cat body to her attractive, playful face you will be astonished at the clarity and authenticity. This quality cushion also features a back face manufactured from a beautifully soft plush fabric, so when you touch it, you will feel as though you are actually stroking your favourite British Blue Cat. Seriously they are that good! KEY POINTS 
  • 100% virgin polyester filling fully sealed - To ensure it stays super plump and comfortable for years to come still feeling as good as new.
  • Unique, Beautiful and very Huggable
  • British Blue Cat Shaped Cushion from Adorable Cushions® makes the ideal gift for Cat Lovers everywhere.
  • Smaller Size For Smaller Spaces
  • Approximate size: H320mm x W250mm
IMPORTANT INFORMATION   Usage: The front of your cushion has a vivid, lifelike image, which won't fade or rub off through usage. In addition, your cushion can be machine washed (although we recommend not too hot and always wash with appropriate colours to prevent other items bleeding their colours into it), and your cushion can even be tumble dried and ironed afterward. Shipping Note: For ease of shipping and delivery, our animal shaped cushions are vacuum packed which makes them small and easy to ship, but this also means may look a little flat and in need of a good meal on arrival, but don't worry they soon bounce into shape once set free from their packaging. Cleaning: Machine wash on 30 degrees. Tumble dry. Iron. Care label provided.    

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